TourLED X-Series 2.84mm BlackFace


the X-Series integrates the patented technology- edge protection design from our M Plus-series, and also makes it available for both front and rear service. All products (P2.8/P3.9/P4.8) from X-series use high-quality black SMD LED to deliver high colour contrast ratio and sharp performance under challenging lighting environments.

key features:

– Curve cabinet design, +/- 10 degree

– Smart locking system for faster installation and labor saving

– Plug&Play power supply and control cards enhancing the stability

– Module flash memory achieving cross rental which means no re-calibration required for modules’ and receiving cards’ replacement

– Informative LCD window which shows monitor voltage, temperature, humidity and working time



LED Type
Nation Star SMD 2727 LED RGB (3-In-1)

 Pixel Pitch

Cabinet Dimension
500 x 500mm

Viewing Angle
H 140 Deg/V 140 Deg

 Cabinet Weight
8 Kgs

IP Level
X-281 – IP40/IP21
X-391 – IP40/IP21
X-480 – IP65/IP54

X-281 – 800 nits
X-391 – 1000 nits
X-480 – 3500 nits

Refresh Rate
X-281 – >3840Hz
X-391 – >2880Hz
X-480 ->2880Hz

Power Consumption
X-281 – 183w
X-391 – 133w
X-480 – 183w